Salary data for your remuneration strategy

Unique data, that will provide an insight to real salaries of the labour market. The data will help you to align the salary expectations of candidates and employees with your company remuneration possibilities. 

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unique salary profiles

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We are a global tool, which collects the real salary data all over the world. We have 24 local salary web portals and together with our local partners, we are a dominant player on the markets in Central Europe, in the Balkans and in the Baltic countries. is a part of the Finnish media group Alma Media Group. 

Up-to-date salary data

Intuitive interface

Data from the whole market

More than 1 000 respondents add their salary data to the database on the daily basis. The data are regularly updated every quarter. 

Online Salary Tool is intuitive and user friendly and provides unlimited access to the data for 12 months. 

You will get a detailed salary range by salary zones for more than 700 job positions and information about financial and non-financial benefits. 

Verified data directly from the employees

How much one earns is one of the most important factors when deciding about jobs. Everyone wants to know, if they are paid fairly. Thousands of people use to compare their salaries. The collected rough data is thoroughly cleared of duplications and extreme values.

We calculate salaries using quantile regression, which takes into account the relationships between positions, regions, company sizes, education, experience and age. The regression statistical model makes it possible to accurately estimate the amount of salary even with a low number of respondents. We are able to provide a detailed salary information for more than 700 job positions.

Hundreds of new data inputs are being added to the tool daily. Each quarter, the regression and estimation models are recalculated, thus ensuring maximum timeliness of the data in our salary reports.

When should you know the salary situation in the labour market? 

When evaluating salaries for positions in your company.

When hiring new people and setting up the salary strategy.

When planning and negotiating the budget for salaries.

To maintain or advance your position on the market.

Choose the right tool for you

Salary Tool

Salary Report

Have salary data by the hand any time you need. Salary Tool gets you full unlimited access to the salary data for all job positions for 1 year. You can access salary data based on the region, experience, education, or the size of the company. The report contains salary zones, salary range and for a sample with at least 15 respondents, you can also find an analysis of financial and nonfinancial benefits. The Salary Tool can compare individual reports for job positions, it can display data for cumulative positions and you can save all reports in your account. 

A quick solution for data for 1 position. Receive complete salary data for one job position. It includes salary information by region, education, or the size of the company. You can see salary zones, salary range and an analysis of financial and nonfinancial benefits. The report will be sent directly to your inbox with a direct link and a pdf. The access to the data is available for 12 months. 

Price from 449 €

Price from 49 €

Salary Tool and Salary Report can be bought individually for each country. The prices for particular countries may differ. Contact us and we will help you find the best option. 

Salary data are mostly used in industries:

Jobs that work with salary data the most

1. IT

2. Wholesale

3. Retail

4. Engineering

5. Manufacturing

1. Human Resourses

2. CEOs

3. Finance

4. Marketing

5. Compensation and benefits

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